What Is Next When Asacol Doesn’t work for Ulcerative Colitis

When Asacol is not working to treat your ulcerative colitis, the next most common type of medication that most doctor will prescribe is either:

  1. Lialda
  2. Sulfasalazine
  3. Colazal
  4. Prednisone

These medications are all very similar to Asacol, but sometimes patients may not respond to the Asacol but will to something else that is similar.  The exception is prednisone which is a steroid type of medication.

What everyone should understand is that it is very common for UC patients not to respond to the first medication that they try out.  Many people will use 3 or more different medications before they find one that works for them.  That is one of the reasons why your doctor is so important to be working with and asking questions frequently.   Medications are not going to work everytime for every person, so be sure to communicate regularly with your doctor and ask them your questions.  They should be the person giving you medical advice all the way through your UC treatment.

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