What Happens if Remicade Doesn’t Work for Ulcerative Colitis

For all of the patients who are testing out different medications to help and treat their ulcerative colitis symptoms, there might come a time where you are prescribed Remicade.  This is a very strong immune suppressing medication that is often prescribed to UC patients when other medications like steroids, and Asacol, Colazal, Sulfasalazine and several others are not helping.

After taking a remicade infusion, it is administered much the same way as other infusions and chemotherapy drugs, you very well may notice positive affects within just hours or a few days.  Other patients it takes several days to notice positive effects from Remicade.

For another group of patients who use Remicade, there are no positive affects and remicade does not work on their ulcerative colitis.  This group of patients often visits with a gastroenterologist who will talk about other treatment options, a common treatment at this point is called Humira.  This is another immune suppressant which works in a similar way as Remicade.  Some patients who do not have good luck with Remicade have better luck with Humira.

At this point though, everything is going to depend on the patient’s symptoms of colitis.   If the patient is very severe with their symptoms and is feeling horrible and there is a fear from the doctor that the colon might rupture, there is always a possibility of having surgery.  And, this possibility is not a negative one.  In-fact, most patients who do have surgery to remove all or part of their colon are so happy afterwards, they wish it happened long before.

One other option that has not been talked about yet is a much more simple option.  It is the use of a radically different diet to treat the ulcerative colitis symptoms.  Many people have found that by simply eliminating certain types of foods, they can begin to control the bacteria that is causing the problems within the colon walls.  Eliminating things like breads and alcohol for example along with certain dairy products has proved time and time again useful in treating ulcerative colitis.  You can read more about these types of diet options at http://ihaveuc.com/the-diet.

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