Update- Each Colon Reacts Different to Foods Sometimes

Food Is Unique to the Colon it Lives In

Why is it that some people can eat a can of soda without any side effects or painful reactions, and another person might have a tummy ache for a few hours with the same drink?

The answer is that everybody is different when it comes to digestion.  Each person has their own set of bacteria working for them inside their body, and no two sets of bacteria are the same.  Also, there might be genetic differences that allow certain people to digest food in a certain way, and others might need to take a different route to reach the same digestive goals.  All of the processes that take place inside our stomachs and intestines are very complex.  There are thousands if not billions of chemical reactions happening every hour inside of us, far too many to keep track of, and its a big miracle that is all happens relatively well most of the time.

For the people who suffer from inflammation of the colon due to ulcerative colitis, it is particularly important to pay attention to the foods you eat, and to especially take note of foods that do not sit well in your stomach.  What has been very useful for many of ulcerative colitis patients is to simply write a diary of the foods that you eat(everything) and keep track within the same diary as to how you feel a few hours or even the next day after that particular meal.  Without taking good notes on the food that you digest each day, it becomes very hard to narrow down any particular foods that might be a problem for you.

For example, I know that breads and sugars from soda like corn syrup are an absolute no no for me.  Those types of foods will literally throw me into a flare up of my colitis symptoms.

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