Ulcerative Colitis is an Autoimmune Disease Say What?

The very early days of learning about what ulcerative colitis actually was, I can remember hearing the words autoimmune and wondering what the heck does that mean.  Previously, I had always thought that any sentence with the words immune within, was a super positive thing.  But, as it turns out autoimmune diseases can be quite painful, unexplainable, ever changing, and, something that has the potential to consume your life.

As a simplified definition, an auto-immune disease is one where the immune system of the body does not know how to turn itself off, and instead it begins to attack normal parts of the body.  That is pretty much what is happening with the inner walls of the colon with ulcerative colitis patients.  There are ulcerations being created within the colon’s inner walls.  This is what is being “cut up”.  And this is why there is bleeding, the colon walls are not supposed to be cut up and bleeding obviously.

Back to UC, there are several different theories on what is the actual cause of the symptoms for the typical UC patient, so that debate could literally go on forever.  Here is a great resource to look at with some ideas on ulcerative colitis as an inflammatory bowel disease or IBD.

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