Treatments if your Ulcerative Colitis Colonoscopy is not Normal

The most common treatments for people who have a colonoscopy that shows signs of ulcerative colitis are:

  1. Doctors prescribe Prednisone which is a anti inflammation steroid
  2. Doctors might also prescribe Asacol(which is a 5ASA drug)
  3. Doctors might prescribe an enema(which has medications in it)
  4. Doctors might prescribe Sulfasalazine or Colazal (both tablet type medications)
  5. Doctors might recommend that you change your diet(only if they believe in alternative medicine)

The most common protocol seems to be prescribing medications to patients who show signs of ulcerative colitis.

If you have been recently diagnosed with colitis, don’t panic. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the planet who have the same situation as you.  The colonoscopy is a great medical invention, and something that wasn’t around 100 years ago.  So be very thankful that you are able to go inside your colon and see what it looks like.   This is something that can be treated in a number of different ways.  Medicine, diet changes, and even in severe cases- surgery.  There are positives and negatives to all of them, but that is how life is.

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