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Telling People About Your Colitis – Learn More

One thing is for sure, they don’t teach you how to talk about your ulcerative colitis symptoms and how to explain it to others when

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you are in a doctor appointment. So, I thought I’d share some ideas on how I have approached the situation on explaining my disease (UC) to other people either when they have asked me what is wrong with me, or have wondered how my health is.

First of all, back in the days when my colitis was very severe and I was very symptomatic, I was explaining my disease much more often than I am now. Since I’m in remission due to my diet changes, the need to explain myself does not come up nearly as often anymore.

Here is how I would go about explaining colitis to friends and family and even just acquaintances:

“I have a disease called ulcerative colitis. Have you heard of it? It is similar to a disease that you might have heard of called Crohn’s Disease. They are very similar in terms of the symptoms. Anyways, what is happening is that inside of my colon, there are all kinds of reactions taking place and my immune system is actually attacking itself even which is causing it to cut open the colon’s walls and creating bleeding and cramping and all sorts of bad things. In my own opinion, I am having these symptoms because there is an im-balance in my gut bacteria. Too much “bad bacteria” exists which is causing the immune system to respond all the time. Everybody on this planet has gut bacteria, and most people don’t have any issues like I do because their system is in balance. But that’s not the case with people who have ulcerative colitis.”
That would be my typical response to people who asked about my disease. Then of course they would go on to ask, how do you treat your disease Adam… And I would give them the rundown on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet that I follow which has been working well to treat my colitis.

I hope this story helps you out if you are also asked this same question, and I hope you can adapt the story to fit your situation if you like. Hang in there if you are struggling with your colitis symptoms, it sure can get better, and remission is not impossible.

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