Tapering Prednisone for Ulcerative Colitis

Tapering Prednisone

The prednisone taper is going great.  Of course I am cautiously optimistic at the same time.  We all know what it is like to feel a few symptoms after stopping a medication that you’ve been taking for a while to heal your colitis and then suddenly feeling like a fish out of water when you stop them completely.

Either way, I am super excited this time about getting off the steroids.  It has been over a week now of very normal bowel movements with only some slight red blood on the toilet paper from suspected hemorrhoids.  If things keep on this track, I think come  Saturday or Sunday I will drop down to just 7.5mg per day of prednisone.  I started taking 15mg/ day a few weeks ago so things are going actually ahead of schedule.  I have also noticed that since getting down to 10 mg per day, which is where I am at right now, my sleeping pattern is getting a bit more normal.  I have been sleeping through until 6:00am most mornings and that is great.

It is such a mind trick for all of us ulcerative colitis patients to get on and then come off the prednisone.  It is a wonder drug in terms of its ability to quickly calm down inflammation, but we all know it is not a long term solution.  The effects of using steroids for lengthy amounts of time are documented to cause all types of serious problems.

My good news to report is that the flare I was experiencing just a few weeks ago seems to be leaving, and the prednisone tapering is going well also.  I hope the next report continues in this general direction.

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