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Considering Surgery For Ulcerative Colitis

The decision to have surgery if you are an ulcerative colitis patient is a very big decision indeed. Often, people who have UC are forced to have surgery due to complications that if left as is, just might be a major threat to one’s overall health and even life and death. There are other cases where people who have UC go through a horrific time with toxic megacolon. This is when the colon actually ruptures inside, and there begins to be harmful bacteria leaking into the abdominal cavity which is quite dangerous as well.

Although surgery is a major decision, it should not be looked at as a bad thing to consider.  There are so many people who have suffered from ulcerative colitis for so many years and they are looking for some sort of long term relief.  This is simply the case for many people who are not willing to take the daily battles anymore.  Some might say that these people who are looking for a long term solution are the people who are actually thinking about managing their disease logically.  That is a question that everyone must answer individually.

One of the best parts of having surgery to remove your colon if you have ulcerative colitis is that the disease is no longer there.  Along with the colon removal, the issues that have been causing inflammation and a massive response from the immune system are gone.  This is when an ulcerative colitis patient is no longer an ulcerative colitis patient.  If you are going through this thought process on whether or not to have surgery, you are most definitely not alone.  Although I am feeling pretty good right now and have seemed to have found control over my colitis with the help of the specific carbohydrate diet I know that there might just be a time when I need to consider surgery again.

Treatments if your Ulcerative Colitis Colonoscopy is not Normal

The most common treatments for people who have a colonoscopy that shows signs of ulcerative colitis are:

  1. Doctors prescribe Prednisone which is a anti inflammation steroid
  2. Doctors might also prescribe Asacol(which is a 5ASA drug)
  3. Doctors might prescribe an enema(which has medications in it)
  4. Doctors might prescribe Sulfasalazine or Colazal (both tablet type medications)
  5. Doctors might recommend that you change your diet(only if they believe in alternative medicine)

The most common protocol seems to be prescribing medications to patients who show signs of ulcerative colitis.

If you have been recently diagnosed with colitis, don’t panic. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the planet who have the same situation as you.  The colonoscopy is a great medical invention, and something that wasn’t around 100 years ago.  So be very thankful that you are able to go inside your colon and see what it looks like.   This is something that can be treated in a number of different ways.  Medicine, diet changes, and even in severe cases- surgery.  There are positives and negatives to all of them, but that is how life is.

Getting Health Insurance With Ulcerative Colitis

These are the steps you want to take when finding health insurance if you have ulcerative colitis:

  1. Gather up all of your medical records
  2. Investigate where you would like to receive care and if you did need to use a hospital over the next few years, where that would be
  3. Investigate local doctors that you would like to use
  4. Contact several of the local insurance carriers (Aetna, United Health Care, Anthem, Kaiser)
  5. Receive quotes on several different plans
  6. Ask over the phone if things like colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, generic drugs, name brand drugs, office visits are covered or not
  7. Make notes as to what services are covered and what are not
  8. Compare the prices you receive
  9. Call back again to verify that two representatives give you the same answers

If you have a pre-existing condition, then you might find it much harder to obtain insurance.  In that situation, the hope is that you are working for a company which already offers health insurance.  That will make the insurance costs much better and easier to navigate for sure.

Is Chinese Food Good For Ulcerative Colitis?

Whether or not you like Chinese Food, that is not really the question.  The answer to this question is based on someone who is following the Breaking the Vicious Cycle Diet.  If you are following this diet, you are not supposed to be eating any grains, processed sugars or dairy products for the most part.

When you are eating Chinese food, much of the times there are grains from rice, and also TONS of processed sugars in many of the sauces.

For this reason, eating Chinese food is going to probably be difficult for a UC patient who is following the SCD diet.

If you are not following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, you should take some caution in eating Chinese food.  There are all kinds of spices mixed in much of the time that may or may not agree with your diet.

Drinking Coke with Colitis

Most people enjoy soft drinks, pop, soda, whatever you want to call them… Well maybe not most people, but they sure can be tasty.   Then they also have all those diet drinks, similar but just quite the same.

Well, if you have ulcerative colitis or some other IBD, you might want to do what I do, and not drink soda AT ALL.

Here is why I stopped drinking soda:

  1. I have UC, and had it very severely for over a year and was getting ready for surgery
  2. I remember having stomach aches all my life after drinking soda, or at least I thought they were stomach aches
  3. There is a ton of sugar in soda, mainly high fructose corn syrup
  4. I am on a strict diet called THE SCD DIET
    now that prohibits processed sugars
  5. Since changing my diet a year ago, I have been feeling great

So, that’s my answer when someone asks me if they should be drinking Coke, or other sodas with UC….NO.  It’s that simple.  I think the sugars are no good for our colitis intestines, and Coke, Pepsi, 7-UP, Gatorade for that matter all have tons of sugars in them.  That’s why they taste so good.  Find yourself some fresh orange juice, or some fresh water(if you can anymore)