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Can I Eat Potato with Ulcerative Colitis

Yes and No.  That is the answer you are going to get depending on who you talk to.  There are several different ideas about foods and what to avoid when dealing with UC.  Some people say that potato is completly 100% OK to eat whenever you want to if you have UC.  Others say it is a starch and not good to eat to treat UC.

Some of the answer depends on how you plan to treat your UC.  If you are treating your UC successfully with medications, than it might be alright to eat potato when you like.  I would still eat it in moderation compared to other things.

But, if you are like me and follow a specific carbohydrate diet, the SCD diet, I avoid potato nearly 97% of the time.  Of course I slip in a few french frie every once in a while, but I am not sitting down and eating a whole baked potato ever anymore.  For me, the potato which is something I used to eat all the time prior to being diagnosed with UC is something I just try to avoid.

Is Chinese Food Good For Ulcerative Colitis?

Whether or not you like Chinese Food, that is not really the question.  The answer to this question is based on someone who is following the Breaking the Vicious Cycle Diet.  If you are following this diet, you are not supposed to be eating any grains, processed sugars or dairy products for the most part.

When you are eating Chinese food, much of the times there are grains from rice, and also TONS of processed sugars in many of the sauces.

For this reason, eating Chinese food is going to probably be difficult for a UC patient who is following the SCD diet.

If you are not following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, you should take some caution in eating Chinese food.  There are all kinds of spices mixed in much of the time that may or may not agree with your diet.

What Is Next When Asacol Doesn’t work for Ulcerative Colitis

When Asacol is not working to treat your ulcerative colitis, the next most common type of medication that most doctor will prescribe is either:

  1. Lialda
  2. Sulfasalazine
  3. Colazal
  4. Prednisone

These medications are all very similar to Asacol, but sometimes patients may not respond to the Asacol but will to something else that is similar.  The exception is prednisone which is a steroid type of medication.

What everyone should understand is that it is very common for UC patients not to respond to the first medication that they try out.  Many people will use 3 or more different medications before they find one that works for them.  That is one of the reasons why your doctor is so important to be working with and asking questions frequently.   Medications are not going to work everytime for every person, so be sure to communicate regularly with your doctor and ask them your questions.  They should be the person giving you medical advice all the way through your UC treatment.

My UC Gets Worse in the Mornings

Many patients feel that their ulcerative colitis is worse in the early morning hours compared to other times of the day.  This is totally normal for some people(but not for everyone).

There are many conflicting ideas as to why this is taking place.  Some ideas have to do with sleep, and the idea that when people are sleeping, their bowels are working usually less, and that can lead people to have a buildup of needed work once they wake up in the morning.  There are many stories of UC patients who need to run to the bathroom first thing in the morning to take a large and lengthy in terms of time crap EVERYDAY.  Sometimes this bowel movement can last over an hour if you can believe that.  And often, the quantity of poop that comes out at this first thing in the morning bowel movement is the largest amount for the whole day.  Don’t be alarmed if this is you, this is totally normal.

But, lets think also for people who have the worst pains in the morning.  This is also very common.  There are also too many conflicting views in the medical world to make a 100% for sure theory or reason for this.  It is simply a fact of life for many IBD patients, not just UC patients that the morning hours can be the hardest times to cope with the disease.  The good news is that for this group of the UC population, most of them say that the pains get better as the days move on compared to the mornings.  So in some sense, the symptoms are always getting better each day compared to when these patients wake up.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t freak out if this is you, having the worst pains in the morning.  Tell your doctor, and realize that you are not alone.

I’m Having a Colitis Flare, Should I Call My Doctor?

Yes.  But don’t freak out!

If you are like the ordinary citizen on planet earth, you are probably freaked out by the sight of blood dripping out of your anus.  Well, at least I was for quite some time.  It takes alot of willpower or maybe just education to be a UC patient who doesn’t freak out at the sight of this.  But in reality, blood in the toilet bowl is part of being a colitis patient.

Don’t freak out.  Do call your doctor.

There is nothing worse than noticing the signs of a UC flare and waiting until you are too weak to move before telling your doctor.  The reason being, at that time, there are less options for treatment for you.  At that point you might need to even be admitted to a hospital to begin some hardcore medications to get you over the hump of the flare.  IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY.

IF you have UC, and you are noticing signs of a flare, contact your doctor right away.  Let him/her know what is going on.  That is why there are doctor’s on this planet anyways.  They are there to help you through tough times.  Colitis flares are part of the game, and everyone with UC goes through them.

So, for the record, don’t sit in the closet and hide it when you’re having a flare, call your doctor and let them know what is going on.