Successful Ulcerative Colitis Surgery

There is absolutely nothing better than hearing about a previous person who was struck with a horrendous case of ulcerative colitis out of nowhere who is on the road to recovery once and for all.

That is the case for a young man who until just a few months ago, had no idea what ulcerative colitis was, and what the symptoms were.  It all began at the beginning of 2011 when the bloody symptoms of colitis started to creep into his life, all while he was preparing to graduate from college and move on with a career.  In-fact, the symptoms were so bad, that within just a few weeks of being diagnosed, he was back in the hospital taking Remicade infusions to hopefully provide some relief.  The remicade did not help either, and nor did massive amounts of prednisone steroids, so the options were looking very few and far between.  It was either going to take an absolute miracle, or surgery was going to be happening soon.

After losing so much blood and weight, the decision was finally made to have J Pouch Surgery and to remove the diseased colon once and for all.

Within just a few days after the initial surgery, things were already starting to feel much better.  Not everyone has a great successful colon removal surgery, but it is very possible, and you will definitely be happy with your decision to have your colon taken out once your symptoms are gone.  As the J Pouch procedure is somewhat complex, all patients must go through a few different surgeries before everything is complete, but it is quite possible to be living a perfectly normal life in not too much time at all.  A very successful ulcerative colitis surgery is happening as we speak and you can read more about it here:

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