Side Effects of Ulcerative Colitis

Common Side Effects from UC (Ulcerative Colitis)

There is a large group of very common side effects that a large percentage of UC patients experience.  These main side effects are found whether you are just mild with your UC or severe with colitis symptoms.

  • Anemia due to excessive blood loss
  • Tired or sleepy much of the day
  • Irritable sometimes as a side effect from prednisone steroids
  • Dehydrated which is often from numerous bowel movements
  • Diarrhea
  • High white blood cells counts from blood tests
  • Taking time off work due to your medical condition (many ulcerative colitis patients are not able to work regular hours or would be very in-efficient due to the need to find bathrooms so often)

Some of the less common side effects from ulcerative colitis symptoms are:

  • Headaches from certain medications
  • Joint pains form an overly active immune system that makes things seem like arthritis everywhere
  • Weight loss due to bad absorption within the colon walls
  • Insomnia or not being able to sleep because of prednisone steroids.  These medications can often hurt your ability to sleep through the night without waking up.
  • Depression is sometimes associated with ulcerative colitis symptoms and prolonged active disease.  When people are not able to
  • Moon face from prednisone that helps to treat inflammation.  The body can swell up to much bigger than it usually is, and this can often happen in the face.  Moon face is very embarrassing and affects about 10-25% of the people who take prednisone steroids.  The good news is that it also goes away once you stop taking the medications.
  • Running to bathrooms comes along with the disease, and is something that you become more and more used to as time goes on.

The side effects from ulcerative colitis can be severe and most definitely can change your physical and social life and way of living, but often they are just temporary and go away once the disease goes back into remission.  The doctors and physicians who treat many patients with UC usually are very aware of the medical side effects and can help out quite a bit with recovery.  What is different for each person are the mental side effects that ulcerative colitis brings along.  Everyone deals with depression differently and it is one of those side effects that you should talk to a medical professional about if you suffer from UC related depression.  Depression is serious and it can and will get better if you seek help for it.  Also, your ulcerative colitis symptoms should ease up when the depression goes away.  For the most part, side effects from ulcerative colitis go away once you reach remission.  You can go to another website to learn more about ulcerative colitis symptoms to find out what might be possible.

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