Should I See My GI Doctor for Every Ulcerative Colitis Flare?

When Should You Call Your Doctor?

For ulcerative colitis patients, there is no magical sign as to when you should call your doctor or schedule an office visit to talk about your ulcerative colitis symptoms.   The general rule of thumb is to setup a doctor visit when you are not feeling great, and the best thing would be to meet your doctor before you are in a full UC flare up.

The main trouble that many people with ulcerative colitis have is they wait too long before they make the doctors appointment.  In order not to be part of this group who waits for full blown colitis symptoms to be happening before doing anything proactive, we need to understand how the brain functions when symptoms come back.

For most patients, going to the doctor is not the most fun part of the day.  There are the usual drawbacks of missing work for a doctor’s appointment, or simply the high costs of health care.  Sometimes people can’t make it to the doctor because they are worried that their health insurance is not going to cover those costs, especially when someone’s insurance changes unexpectedly.  Another major reason why people avoid meeting with your GI doctor is because you are scared that you might be talking about colon surgery if things do not improve.

Whatever the case may be, it is in everyone’s best interest to visit the doctor when you are noticing signs of active colitis returning to your daily life.  When symptoms go too long without getting better, they can easily lead to someone ending up in the hospital with major weight loss and dehydration and other major medical problems too.

Coming to terms with the reality of ulcerative colitis and the fact that symptoms often return for people after being in remission for so many years is just part of the disease.  There is absolutely no shame at all in going to the doctor’s office when you are feeling different and you think it might be UC related.  There is nothing wrong with calling up your nurse and asking questions about symptoms and bleeding that is occurring on a regular basis.  Talking to your doctor about your ulcerative colitis symptoms is something that you have the right to do whenever you want to.  If you for any reason do not like your doctor, you should consider changing to another gastro doctor that you like better.  There are many of them all over the world, and most definitely one of them will want to work with you.

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