Remicade Losing its Benefits Before The Next Infusion

It is pretty difficult to say there is a standard situation for anyone who is getting ready to try a new medication to treat ulcerative colitis.  With Remicade, that is definitely true as well.  In reviewing and looking at all of the different stories from people living with UC and also taking remicade to control symptoms, there are so many different outcomes.  Many people who I follow say that Remicade was the wonder drug for them and it helped them finally achieve remission from their UC.  Other people have mixed results and yet other people do not receive any benefit from the drug therapy.

For quite a few ulcerative colitis patients who are using Remicade, one relatively common response is with regards to the timing and requency of the infusions.  Many people say that their symptoms seem to relapse before the are scheduled for their next infusion and that once they get the next infusion things get better again.  Some people in the medical community believe that patients build up an immunity to Remicade and that is why the benefits are sometimes not forever.

If you are one of those types of patients who is having symptoms re-occur in-between infusions, you should definitely let your doctor know.  There might be something they can do to speed up the frequency of treatments which just might help you avoid the feeling of a new ulcerative colitis flare up taking place.


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1 thought on “Remicade Losing its Benefits Before The Next Infusion”

  • I was told it is not so much that your body builds up immunity to the drug – but rather your body metabolizes the drug faster. I don’t think this is the same thing.

    Remicade for me works instantly….from the big D flare to no D and no flare. I may feel a little nausea on day 1 – but then feel great.

    6-7 weeks max for me though between sessions at 5 mg/kilo

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