Positive Story About Healing Ulcerative Colitis

Something that really got me EXCITED is A NEW Personal Story about Healing Colitis

Yesterday, I heard news that someone has uncovered a secret to get their ulcerative colitis into remission.  Well, it’s not really a big secret I guess, but rather it is finding a treatment plan for UC which works.  That’s right, everyone has access to the same information these days with things like the internet, but finding out and then actually doing something different is what its all about.  And in the end if the new treatment works, you are in a whole new world finally.

A girl who I came into contact with has been dealing with Crohn’s/Colitis symptoms for an awfully long time.  By the suggestion of her doctor, she was turned onto the GAPS diet.  This is a diet which closely follows the rules of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, but it is based on some other ideals such as supplementing things with probiotics to achieve digestive healing of the colon and ultimately colitis remission.

When people tell their stories of their previous treatment plans for ulcerative colitis, often drugs like asacol don’t work.  Then there is a common theme sometimes that even more powerful medications like Remicade infusions don’t work for them either.  This usually puts the UC patients in a dangerous and strange position because often the next plan on action is to consider a colon removal surgery.  Yikes, colon surgery is a major ordeal, and pretty drastic, so what is a person living with UC to do?

Luckily, there are some gastro doctors out there who are open to alternative treatment therapies.  The GAPS diet is what helped this particular girl out, and she is now colitis symptom free, and has been for quite some time.  No more medications, just some probiotics and a structured diet regime.

Hearing success stories for UC patients is always good news.  Congrats to her.  For more of her story, you can visit www.ihaveuc.com

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