Can I Eat Strawberries if I have Ulcerative Colitis?

Food is always on everyone mind if you have ulcearative colitis.  Know what is “alright” or “ok” to eat or what is “bad” for your colitis is probably on your mind all the time.  That is normal.  And when it is the summertime, when all of the fruit is starting to be picked, its natural for people to wonder if that will be alright for their colitis. A strawberry can be so tasty too in the summer.

The answer to strawberries being good or bad for colitis will probably have different answers depending on which doctor you ask.  For me, I think that strawberries are perfectly fine for colitis.  I went through a few periods of my colitis where I wasn’t eating any fruit at all to see if that helped, and then other times where I was eating fruit all day long.  When I was eating fruit, is when I finally got my colitis into remission.

Just like all things, it is probably best not to eat too much of any one particular thing.  And some people can upset their stomachs with eating too much fruit even if they don’t have ulcerative colitis.  But, at the end of the day, I think it is just fine to eat strawberries with UC.  If you follow the specific carbohydrate diet, you can read more about this and how it is perfectly fine for so many UC sufferers.