Mucus in the Stool

There are many different symptoms that are associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and some of them are more publicly talked about than others.  Fortunately, I frankly don’t care one bit anymore about how crude the topic of stool mucus might or might not be.  One thing is for certain, I definitely remember many periods of time where there was an increased amount of mucus either attached or floating in the toilet bowl during bowel movements and it really freaked me out.  Those were the days before diagnosis, and now, I realize that it is often part of IBS and IBD.

Why is there Mucus in the Stool?

The reason for stools to be often covered or surrounded by mucus is because the intestines and mostly the colon is inflamed.  The inflammation causes tears within the inner lining of the colon and with all these reactions taking place, it can turn into a high amount of mucus forming.  Mucus is always inside of the colon and the rest of the intestines to some degree, but when the immune system is in a very active state, it can lead to an even higher production of this.  Lots of mucus within the stools should not be considered normal, and is often signs of pain and disruption within the gastro-intestinal tract.

If you are currently suffering and feeling abdominal pains, and especially if you are noticing lots of mucus in your stools.  You should probably head to a gastroenterologist doctor and find out if something more is happening to your body.

Bacteria within the colon consumes mucus on a regular basis, but by seeing mucus mixed in with stools and in the toilet floating means that something else is going on.  Don’t be afraid, seek medical attention quickly to resolve your problem.

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  1. Mucous? Like an almost clear almost gelatinous liquid? I had that sometimes when straining and nothing coming out, usually indicative of nothing needing to come out but in this case there was. And the mucous-like substance was on my rectum though, not on stool.

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