Interesting Prednisone – Prednisolone Survey Report

A few days ago I announced via Facebook that I’d be running a “Prednisone Survey” which was actually just some questions about people’s use of prednisone/prednisolone steroids while fighting ulcerative colitis symptoms.  What I had no idea about was how many people would actually be interested in participating in this sort of survey.  But it makes total sense, so many of us who are diagnosed with ulcerative colitis end up dealing with prednisone as a medication at some point in our life.  As it turns out, there are people from the prednisone survey who have been dealing with Colitis for over 10 years and using prednisone for about half that time! That’s unbelievable to me, I don’t know how they can continue on that medication for so long especially considering the side effects that it has.

Some of the questions from the steroid survey were based on side effects that people noticed and that list is quite impressive.  Many people had very similar if not identical side effects, which was not surprising.  Also, many people noted that the side effects did not always go away as was the case for the overwhelming majority of prednisone users. A select few seem to be still dealing with either the medication or the side effects.  Some women report increased facial hair, others reported rapid weight gain, and many others.

I would encourage anyone to read the full results at IHAVEUC which you can find here:  PREDNISONE SIDE EFFECTS SURVEY.

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