How The Colon Heals From Colitis

How Does the Colon Recover From Inflammation?

  • Does the colon simply need to be at rest with minimal work required to heal itself from ulcers?
  • Can medicine that acts as an anti-inflammatory like steroids heal the colon?
  • Can herbs that are known to heal you work to reduce the swelling and pain of the colon?
  • Can immune suppresant medicines heal the colon
  • Why can you be bleeding one day and not the next in your colon?

Inflammation of the Colon From Ulcerative Colitis

When you are in the middle of an ulcerative colitis flare, it might seem impossible that someday your colon is going to start working once again.  That is exactly how most people feel when they are seeing so much blood fly out of them when using the bathroom.  You very well may start to think that your colon is completely broken and will never start working.  The reality that many UC patients can tell you is that the colon is a very resilient organ in our bodies.  It can many times suffer years of abuse, and still figure out how to start working properly once again.  It is one of those miracles of life actually.  The colon is similar to the biggest highway you have ever been on.  There is food and liquids flowing down it all the time, its like a river that just keeps on flowing no matter what time of year.  Often, there are difficult things passing through, sometimes enough “bad” stuff to make the colon malfunction, or actually tear apart and start to bleed.  Once, the situation is resolved, the goal of the colon is to start healing and working properly again, and it surely can do just that.

Sometimes, the healing process can take a very long time.  This depends on how inflamed the colon was to begin with.  Also, you should not be alarmed when small levels of symptoms start to come back.  This is normal, and it will happen often.

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  • I hope this is true. It make me feel better reading it. I just got this damn thing and I am scared shitless (no pun intended).

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