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How Hard is it to START the SCD Diet Today?

Whenever I hear of someone who is starting the SCD diet with the goal of putting their colitis symptoms into remission, I get really excited. And the reason for this is I hope that whoever it is that’s in pain with UC will find relief with this type of treatment like I have. Unfortunately, I am learning that it doesn’t always work out this way for the other person. And this is frustrating for me. And I’m sure it is super frustrating for the person who is dealing with bleeding and pain, and cramping and different medications, and everything else that comes along with active ulcerative colitis.

Starting SCD diet
Not too long after getting started, I was back drinking fruit juices and loving it once again.

It’s been almost two years now that I have been following the SCD diet, and not only have I seen its benefits, I have reduced pretty much down to nothing my health costs associated with my colitis. I don’t count my annual physical exam into a colitis related cost, and that’s pretty much all I have done this year. I know it’s not easy being on this diet for new people who are starting it for the first time, but with feeling better and getting back to my normal self, it sure has been easy to get used to it once I saw the results. And, since the results don’t always come right away, and it often takes time, I believe that is where the real issue lies for the majority of people who are not successful with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.

People Who Follow SCD But Fail:

Now I don’t know all the details, but I have heard from quite a few people who have failed the SCD. And it bothers me, I’ve said that before in this post. But what is the reason for the failure? Is it that they have symptoms which are too severe that any diet even SCD can’t fix? Is it because they have something different with them genetically that prevents the diet from helping them? Or is it something totally different? I don’t know.

One thing that is for certain is that many of the people who fail to see colitis symptom relief from the SCD diet have not followed the diet during their trial period. By this, I mean, STRICTLY FOLLOWED the SCD diet rules. Does this bother me and make me angry, no… well actually YES it does. I know it doesn’t hurt my physically, but mentally it bugs the crap out of me because by breaking the rules of the diet, or following it only 90% ESPECIALLY when you are starting it is almost like you are NOT doing the SCD diet at all.

Let’s come up with some rules:

#1 The diet is NOT EASY for people who are not used to following a diet. If you’ve had problems following a diet before, you might not want to attempt this.

#2 If you can’t live without desserts and sweets, and you would rather eat those foods and live with colitis symptoms, don’t attempt this diet

#3 If you have a very hard time controlling yourself when you see a fast food restaurant, of if you LOVE friend food and can’t live without it, again, don’t try this diet


If you are at rock bottom with your UC, and are facing surgery or other medicine treatments as your next step and you don’t want to do that. This might be something for you to consider. Even if you are just dealing with minor colitis symptoms, and are sick and tired of the disease jumping into and out of your life constantly for no reason, this as well might be something for you to try. Either way, the SCD diet requires 100% attention for quite some time, ESPECIALLY during the early introductory phases.

Well, this is enough of my ramblings, I just wanted to let it out that I’m frustrated when I see people trying SCD and failing initially, and then I learn that they are eating all sorts of foods that are NOT allowed. And of course then wondering why they are not seeing great results. I mean come one, you are either following the diet(and that means 100%) or you are not. End of story.

If after reading all of this you are ready to begin SCD, you can do that:

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5 thoughts on “How Hard is it to START the SCD Diet Today?”

  1. Adam,
    I’d like some advice. I’ve been on the SCD diet 10 days. I did the intro for 5 days only eating bone broth, puréed carrots, broiled hamburger and chicken. The last five days I have introduced cooked apples and spinach – but haven’t puréed and pan fried fish a couple of nights with almond flour- delicious!! I haven’t craved sugar or other carbs surprisingly.
    I have had severe pancolitis since Dec. 2011. I also had CMV colitis which complicated things tremendously and kept me in the hospital for a while. GI still not sure what caused CMV but testing last colonoscopy showed it was dormant. I have been in a flare since March of this year. I finally weaned off prednisone after 5 months about 2 weeks before starting SCD. I still had bleeding when I tapered of pred but I couldn’t stay on it anymore. I am not taking Asacol either as it didn’t seem to help. I am taking a steroid enema nightly to help with urgency and swelling.
    My issue now on SCD is my bleeding, cramping, back and lower abdomen pain are as strong as ever- maybe even a little worse. I had weaned off prednisone after 5 months about 2 weeks before starting SCD. I still had bleeding when I tapered of pred but I couldn’t stay on it anymore. I am not taking asacol either as it didn’t seem to help. I am taking a steroid enema nightly to help with urgency and swelling. I did start my period two days ago and my symptoms increased dramatically. I am also taking up to 4 tramadol- ultram generic- to help ease the pain. It helps somewhat but I do not know if there are starch binders or fillers in this medication that could be hurting my progress. I just know that I would be bedridden if not for the pain med and with 3 children, that’s not a possibility.
    Do you think I should go back to the intro phase? Did I introduce the tasty nut flour that was a saving grace, too early? Would not pureeing the apples and spinach have that much affect? Should I be back on prednisone? I want this to work and am in it for the long haul. Any advice would be appreciated. I am in a great deal of pain today despite pain meds and bleeding and completely watery stools are going strong. Thanks in advance if you or anyone else has advice. I go back to my GI Monday. He doesn’t know I’ve started this diet. He won’t approve since he doesn’t believe food is related. I really do like him and he always is prompt on answering my questions, even gave me his email. It’s just frustrating because I know he’ll schedule another colonoscopy – which will be my 6th in two years, and he will put me back on prednisone. Yuck!
    Sorry for the novel!

    1. Hi Beth,

      I’m hoping that your GI meeting went well, and that you’ve experienced some sort of relief since your comment a few days ago.

      I think its safe to say that if you are experiencing bad bleeding and the other symptoms, you made the right call by talking with and consulting with your gastro doctor. That’s the move we all need to make when symptoms are bad.

      Regarding your questions on the SCD diet and introducing Almond meal and not pureeing things…

      I myself am not a big fan of almond flour. I have made quite a few things with it in the past, but I’ve also paid the price by over-doing it with that too early on. And unortunately, I think that’s far too common with people starting the SCD. So if that is maybe what has happened with you, you for sure don’t need to feel alone. Baked goods with almond flour taste great (especially the blueberry cakes my wife used to make) but they are hard to control yourself with too, and super easy to over do it…

      As for the pureed foods…I myself have found less of a positive benefit either way, but that is a personal thing, and to lean on the side of caution, pureeing foods is probably a safer move.

      Again, i’m glad you visited with your GI, I wish he/she was more intune with how diet has helped many with UC, but as we all know, GI docs are simply not there yet for the most part. (But, there are for sure many who are and that’s great too)

      keep your head up, i wish you the best moving forward,


  2. Where’d my article go?
    If I sent it for review without meaning to, can this be tacked on to the end?

    Where I am now. 19 days into SCD. Down 15 pounds- 106 at 5’3. Actually enjoy the weight loss but don’t want much more. Taking L glutamine once a day, VSL3 packet once a day and tramadol for pain 3 times a day ( only thing that’s keeping me up and going). I do try a corticosteroid enema at bedtime but most times can’t retain it.

    I run to the bathroom probably 10-12 times a day. Mostly blood and mucous. A lot of painful urgency- feel like a small elephant has perched himself on mynrectum. Some semi formed stools from time to time but usually compete watery diarrhea. Lots of adnominal and back pain.
    It’s day 19. Should I be seeing some more positive changes from SCD? I realize I am in a relatively strong flare and remission can take a long time. I like the SCD diet and have no problems sticking to it.
    My big question is, is it your opinion that I can get myself into remission on diet a d supplements alone? Should I take the dr.’s advice and start back on prednisone or begin 6mp. I ammvery anti meds at this time in my life. How can I get myself out of this stage of anemia as well?
    Thanks for any advice you may have. I am ready for improvement! Keeping my thoughts positive!

    1. Beth,

      In my experience, and that of many others, prednisone in conjuntion with the SCD diet has been very helpful in getting difficult flares under control. As is always the case, everyone’s experience as you know is different, and with the addition of a probiotic such as VSL#3, again the expereinces and positive reaction times for everyone varies.

      If I was you, I would highly consider taking your doctor’s advice of starting a prednisone regime. With 19 days under your belt of the SCD diet and very little positive benefits if anything, you may need to take your doctor’s advice with a steroid boost to get things started. I have done it both ways before, getting out of a flare up with SCD alone, and in conjunction with prednisone, both ways working. But since you know the costs & benefits of prednisone, and I’m sure your doctor has gone over those with you as well, it is a tuff decision, but maybe in the very near future you’ll feel confident/comfrotable with a decision there if necessary.

      best regards,


  3. Adam, I think the first portion of my letter disappeared. Here it is again briefly.
    First, want to thank you immensely for having the heart and the selflessness to start this website. You and your members have provided so much support and encouragement and conveyed “you are not alone in this” more than anything. I always turn to your sight first.
    Update: went to my GI this week. He hadn’t heard of SCD and said meh was certain it wouldn’t hurt me but would do nothing to heal me either. Wanted me to start back prednisone 40 mg right away, took blood work and wants to start 6mp Monday. I haven’t started the pred and have no plans to start 6mp. Wanted to give SCD more time. I did get him to prescribe VSL 3 which I just started yesterday.
    I picked up a copy of my bloodwork in an effort to take back control of my body. Never see the reports. I had low red blood cells, low hemoglobin and hematocrit and high mono %. I think these are pretty typical during a flare but did confirm I am anemic.
    The rest of my comments (novel:) are in the previously submitted comments above.

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