How Fast Does Remicade Work For Colitis?

There are several different biologic drugs or hardcore top of the pyramid drugs that are used to help ulcerative colitis patients these days.  One of them is called Remicade.

If you are taking this medication and you have ulcerative colitis, I am guessing your situation is rather severe.  At least it was for me when I was prescribed the medication and went in for my infusions.  This drug is just that, a hardcore immune suppressant drug.  Its goal is to turn off part of the immune system that is over-operating and allow the colon to heal itself.  It is common sense that when anything is given to you by way of infusion, it is supposed to start working really quickly afterwards, as in instantaneously almost.  Well, not in an instant, but pretty quick.  I am guessing there is a reason why heroin addicts shot needles in their arms all day long and don’t pop some pill that takes a while to activate.  Same idea with Remicade.

For me, I went from VERY severe, ten to twenty bloody craps per day, all the way down to just a couple formed/partially bloody stools in 24 hours.  And much of the other symptoms became much less severe within a few days as well.  But, of course the symptoms were not 100% GONE in just a day.  It’s all relative.  When you go from 4 hours per day on the toilet to 35 minutes, its a life changing thing taking place.  Nothing short of a miracle.

From nearly all of the other ulcerative colitis people I have talked to who have also taken Remicade, they have had very similar experiences.  About 60% of them have had positive results from Remicade initially, and the results came pretty early, for sure within the first few days.  There were other people I must add who did not respond to the medication, and that is normal.  Not everyone responds to every medication out there.

To answer the question, and until I hear other stories from other Remicade users that are different, results come very quickly from this type of infusion.  How long the positive results last is another story and another post.

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