How Do You Know When A Colitis Flare is Over?

Some of the colitis patients you might meet in your life will be able to talk about 10 or 20 or maybe many more flares they have been through in their past dealing with the disease.  And then, there are others who will maybe only have 1 or 2 flares their whole life.  One thing is for sure, a colitis flare is a nasty reminder that the disease ulcerative colitis has the ability to pop up from time to time.

Getting over a a colitis flare quickly is usually everyone’s goal once they have detected a flare to be present.  But, the question remains, how do you know when the flare is over?

The obvious answer is, you know the flare is through when you no longer have, feel, or see any symptoms of active colitis.  But, that is not always so easy to judge, especially if you have been living with the disease for many years and have gotten used to many non normal things that colitis has to offer.

So, for my part, I feel that a colitis flare is over when there is no more bleeding in the toilet bowl.  Also, when there is no more cramping in the abdomen.  When there is cramping going on in the abdomen, I don’t think we can state that our flare is over.  That just doesn’t sound right to me.

I think we should all think of a flare as a common cold, you know the cold is over because you stop sneezing, or coughing or having a sore throat.  So with colitis, I know my flare is over when I no longer have runny stools.  And no more blood in the toilet etc…

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