Harder Stools But Mucus For Sure

I wanted to write a post about how things are changing for me right now in terms of bowel movements and toilet use.  It is not the most beautiful of ulcerative colitis topics, but important none the less.  What is happening feels to be part of the healing process.

As I’ve reported earlier, I am coming out of a flare up, and currently in the final stages of tapering off prednisone steroids.  I’m now down to 2.5 mg per day of prednisone which is going to be my final dose before stopping completely.  I started at a peak of 15 mg per day back the first week of January and every week or two dropped the daily dose by 2.5mg.

Lately, my poops have been very hard when using the bathroom which is great, but I’ve noticed more mucus around the stools sometimes compared to prior weeks when the stools were less formed/hard.  Why this happens is still a mystery to me, but I’ve read that the colon produces mucus to act as  a protective layer for the inner colon walls.  In a few places I’ve read that this production of mucus might actually increase when the colon is fighting off things.

So my overall question is, how many other people see increases in the amount of mucus around their formed/hard stools when you are coming out of an ulcerative colitis flare?  And, do other people find it a bit strange to be seeing mucus when the bleeding is almost completely gone or gone and you are starting to gain weight and feel normal after a flare up?

In Summary, I am not concerned with the mucus, I can remember seeing it a while ago when I was coming out of another flare, but up until now I’ve never really tried to investigate how it is with others, and if this is “normal”.  Thx

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  • Hey man I know its a little late reply but im experiencing the same thing, im coming out of a two month flair and trying to get rid of this mucus, I believe its getting better but im also tapering off my steriods so im somewhat worried about it getting worse. but yea my poops are pretty hard too like you said (thanks to the scd, I think). Anyways did the mucus go away yet? it would be nice to know if it did because it might tell me something about my recovery. Im following the scd strict for about 2 months.

    • Hey Tylo98,
      Sorry for my super late response. Its been a while for me since I wrote that story, but yes, the mucus has gone away, and I’m all good now without any mucus.
      I’m still going hardcore SCD and no medications for several months and doing 1 or sometimes 2 hard poops each day with no bleeding. Don’t worry if it takes some time for the mucus and for things to heal compeltely. Sometimes it just takes a little while, but more importantly, as long as you are seeing improvements over time, that is super important. hang in there! -Adam

  • hello,

    i M sandeep from india.

    I have ulcerative colitis since 2006. in between i stopped taking medicines……..i means i was not that regular in taking medicines.

    recently in march 2012 i caught with sever inflamation in the large intestine.

    Today i am being treated with “cyclosporine” drug and steroids.

    after discharge from hospital i am having oral tablet of “cyclosporine” drug and steroids.

    While passing the stool i found mucus in the stool 3 times….first time i noticed in some days and rest 2 times i found continuously.

    could any one say any thing on this ??

    my mail id is: patelsansama86@gmail.com

    Thanking you

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