Getting Health Insurance With Ulcerative Colitis

These are the steps you want to take when finding health insurance if you have ulcerative colitis:

  1. Gather up all of your medical records
  2. Investigate where you would like to receive care and if you did need to use a hospital over the next few years, where that would be
  3. Investigate local doctors that you would like to use
  4. Contact several of the local insurance carriers (Aetna, United Health Care, Anthem, Kaiser)
  5. Receive quotes on several different plans
  6. Ask over the phone if things like colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, generic drugs, name brand drugs, office visits are covered or not
  7. Make notes as to what services are covered and what are not
  8. Compare the prices you receive
  9. Call back again to verify that two representatives give you the same answers

If you have a pre-existing condition, then you might find it much harder to obtain insurance.  In that situation, the hope is that you are working for a company which already offers health insurance.  That will make the insurance costs much better and easier to navigate for sure.

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