Getting Dehydrated with Ulcerative Colitis

One of the issues that I have run into very recently with my ulcerative colitis concerns dehydrating my body.  This is something that might seem obvious when you are in a very severe flare, but it is also quite possible to have when you are in the middle of a very mild one too.

How I Became So De-Hydrated:

My personal situation was involving a weekend that was meant to be alot of fun.  I was getting ready to run in a half marathon with a good friend, and my actual intention was to run only half of it and walk the rest.  When the race began, I was feeling pretty good, and eventually I was halfway through.  I do remember sipping a very little amount of water a few times during the race, but nothing of any real large amount.  I wanted to make sure I did not get any cramps during the race and I thought I was fully hydrated.  At the end of the thirteen miles, I was surprised at how much I was sweating through both of my shirts.  Because I suffer from ulcerative colitis, I do not drink energy drinks or things like gatorade.  My colon is not able to tolerate the sweet complex sugars that are found in those types of drinks.  Also, I have had several flare ups that were minor but due to sweet food that my ulcerative colitis can’t handle.  Anyways, I started drinking a decent amount of water afterwards, and I thought nothing of it.

It wasn’t until a full day of being out on the town after the race, and then not getting proper sleep that I was finding myself compeltely wiped out just 36 hours after crossing the finish line.  I really had not recovered at all from the race and my dehydration levels were so severe that it was causing me to feel faint.

After making the realization of what was happening, I immediately began hydrating myself and things started to improve quite a bit.  Something so simple as drinking fluids when you spend alot of energy is such a simple idea.  But for some reason I totally forgot about it.  With any form of ulcerative colitis symptoms, it is equally important to make sure to remain hydrated as well.  Getting caught without proper hydration is not something you want to happen.  It can land you in the hospital or an ambulance which is what happened to me.

Common Deyhydration Problems with Colitis:

The more common problem that people with UC have is due to massive bathroom visits and diarrhea.  I dealt with this for many years and it is something that nearly everyone goes through at some point with the disease.  Many of us deal with diarrhea and dehydration on a chronic basis unfortunately.  Again, the key here is to remain drinking fluids to help relieve the effects that low water levels can have on all parts of the body.  It is hard to do when you know you will be running to the bathroom moments later, but it is still very important.

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