Drinking Coke with Colitis

Most people enjoy soft drinks, pop, soda, whatever you want to call them… Well maybe not most people, but they sure can be tasty.   Then they also have all those diet drinks, similar but just quite the same.

Well, if you have ulcerative colitis or some other IBD, you might want to do what I do, and not drink soda AT ALL.

Here is why I stopped drinking soda:

  1. I have UC, and had it very severely for over a year and was getting ready for surgery
  2. I remember having stomach aches all my life after drinking soda, or at least I thought they were stomach aches
  3. There is a ton of sugar in soda, mainly high fructose corn syrup
  4. I am on a strict diet called THE SCD DIET
    now that prohibits processed sugars
  5. Since changing my diet a year ago, I have been feeling great

So, that’s my answer when someone asks me if they should be drinking Coke, or other sodas with UC….NO.  It’s that simple.  I think the sugars are no good for our colitis intestines, and Coke, Pepsi, 7-UP, Gatorade for that matter all have tons of sugars in them.  That’s why they taste so good.  Find yourself some fresh orange juice, or some fresh water(if you can anymore)

2 thoughts on “Drinking Coke with Colitis”

    1. Your are totally right, the cooking definitely does take time, especially if you are not used to cooking for yourself, but it’s not the end of the world. I look at it like this:
      if I kept doing what I was before to treat my UC, I’d be spending a few hours a day on the toilet,
      so, spending an hour or two a day cooking for myself ain’t so bad in comparison.

      But don’t get me wrong, I spend ALOT more time cooking now than I ever did before I changed my diet.

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