Does Remicade Work for Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

If you are dealing with ulcerative colitis and are being introduced to remicade, the chances are that you have tried quite a few other medications so far.  Remicade is a pretty hard core type of colitis treatment.  It is one which most doctors won’t even consider unless some of the more conventional medicines like Steroids or Asacol or Lialda are not working well.

The answer about if Remicade works for colitis is yes, no, and sometimes.  That’s not the clearest answer, but it is the truth.

There are some patients like myself who have a great positive reaction to Remicade right away.  For me, I responded within 24 hours, and I thought my severe colitis was instantly gone forever.  But, after about ten days it came back, and my second remicade infusion did not work nearly as well, and the third infusion was as though I was taking a placebo.

But, there are also some other patients who use Remicade and who have a great experience from the medicine for the long term.  AND THIS IS GREAT.

Also, there are even other patients who use the medicine and it does nothing positive for them right away.

Bottomline, this is a hardcore medication that affects the immune system.  It is given by infusion, and is very expensive.  Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t .  The usual response time to the medication if its going to work is within about a week.  Some people like myself show positive responses much quicker.

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7 thoughts on “Does Remicade Work for Ulcerative Colitis (UC)”

  • I am going in for second infusion on monday , and the first one worked great . I went from practically being housebound , with over a dozen trips to the bathroom a day , maybe more, to 2-4 a day . Bleeding stopped and i can go to work , and eat a normal diet . The results were fast too , just a couple days to notice a difference . Looking forward to this next infusion to get me even closer to %100. I also only had to deal with the lesser of the side effects , like some ss=hortness of breath , and fatigue , which i gladly accept compared to the alternative . Besides , i’m also on prednisone and asacol , so the side lack of sleep and fatigue might even be coming from them . The shortness of breath is definately from the remicade though . GOOD LUCK , I RECCOMEND IT .

  • Hey Frank I was just curious as to how your feeling now? I went for my first two infusion and after the first one I was feeling great, felt as if I could start living my life again. But just before my second infusion i was starting to notice some symptoms coming back. I’ve had my second infusion now and I’m still noticing some symptoms. I’m scared the Remicade isn’t working for me. Although I’ve heard sometimes it takes time for your body to adjust.

    • Hey Mike,
      I’m sorry to hear that things started to wear off before getting your second infusion. That sounds exactly like what happened to me. After about ten days after my first infusion, I started seeing the symptoms come back again, and as I stated before, my second and third infusion were not doing much for me at all. As for now, I am medication free, and have been doing pretty good. I stopped the medication about 14 months ago as the seemed to not be a long term solution for me. I made a major change in my diet and on the advice from a friend of a friend who also has UC, she explained how her diet change was helping her. What was interesting for me and what convinced me to look into an alternative approach was this girl also took all the medications I did including remicade and had the same (not so great longterm) results. I wish you the best. Here is a link to a book on the right called “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” which has the diet in it.

  • When I was 17 I got severely ill with my ulcerative colitis that was diagnosed only a year before. I was having around 20 bowel movements a day, sometimes only blood. It was so severe I lost half my blood volume in the course of a couple months before I was admitted to the hospital for a stay of 19 days. I was given blood infusions, and of course, like all IBD patients, I was given prednisone, one of many barbaric steroid treatments. It did nothing, despite a large dosage. Except of course make me blow up like a balloon and who knows what kind of internal organ damage. I was under the age of majority, so they wanted to try something radical before surgery. So I was given remicade, which is more commonly used for Crohn’s, I was told. The results were incredible. The infusion took over an hour, and before the thing was finished I felt instantly better. No BM’s, and after a couple of days of careful observation they elt me eat food. I was given a second and third infusion to ensure my remission and it worked great for years. I was told if I get sick again they would give me remicade instead of corticosteroids. Now unfortunately, after 6 years of remission, I am sick again due to a sedentary job and stress. I only hope they don’t put me on steroids again as I was so bloated it took a whole year for my face to get back to its normal size. Even my high school grad photos showed I had a bloated face. The fact of the matter is, drugs are expensive, and doctors will ultimately put you on anything that cheapest first at no matter what cost to your health. It’s barbaric, and frankly irresponsible. Sure, they work for some people, but not at all for others, not to mention the horrible side effects. Remicade worked so well for me my family has taken to calling it “the magic drug”. I have a other doctor’s appointment coming up and there is no way I’m going back on steroids, I don’t care. not going through that again.

    • Best of luck to you Samantha with your upcoming doctor appointment. I hope it goes well and I hope UC doens’t bug you during the holiday seasons.

      Take care,


  • i am going for my first remicade infusion on Thursday and i am a little worried about it. i work in a hospital and have had UC since 2002 after 10 years of just dealing with it i have decided to start taking medication for it. So far it has spread from a small 4in space to my intire coli, after beeing on the medication for the past yearnow i am going to try the infusions. if it does not work i plan on going back to just dealing with it. i was much happier b4 taking all this medication

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