Does Medical Marijuana Work for Ulcerative Colitis

There is all kinds of talk that goes around these days about how to holistically treat your ulcerative colitis(UC). Just a few days ago, I ran into a parent, who’s child used pot to help with UC symptoms. I wasn’t sure how much this parent wanted to talk about the situation, but it seems as though there might be something to this.
Take for example the mental anguish, and depression that can sometimes go hand in hand with ulcerative colitis. Now, if you smoked a joint or two, maybe that is all you would need to progress through your daily life without having such touch thoughts constantly going through your head. Again, I don’t know, this is all just a theory.
As for marijuana actually healing the inside of people’s colon’s and changing the digestive system for the better…I think that might be a long shot. I for sure could believe it has potential to change someone’s desire to eat, but beyond that, I just don’t know.
As more and more days pass since being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, I am beginning to think more and more that the disease is a mental game just as much as a physical one. There are so many instances I remember where I really thought my life was coming to a close. And at the same time, there are so many times where I thought my life was just filled with some very minor setbacks and colitis was for sure not going to alter my life’s master plan.
If you are using marijuana to control your ulcerative colitis and have some ideas or thoughts you would like to share, please feel free to post them here.

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U.C. and marijuana

I have had UC for 10 years. I have been on 6mp, balcalizide, tacalimus (which was explained to me to be a medication they give to people who have had kidney transplants) prednisone(high doses for long periods of time)(probably not spelling any of those right, but not important). I have had pic lines put into my arm because they woukdnt let me eat when I was hospitalized(which I got blood clots from). I have needed blood transfusions. UC is no joke. And every time I have had a flare they have lasted from 6 months to 2 years and I have almost had to have the surgery numerouse times. I desided last September I started to have a UC flare, trtying to avoid medicTion, I woukd try not eating, prednisone, ect. By December I was told that if it doesnt get better I would need a blood tranfusion so I then desided to smoke marijuana, every night( didnt during the day, work and mom) and my stomach cramps were GONE, the urgentcy GONE, the god aweful pain GONE, took a while for the bleeding to stop, BUT within TWO MONTH I WAS IN REMISSION!!! Two months! I told my UC DR and she totally turned a blind eye to it qhich I found extremly fustrating. 1 medication that wont give me blood cancer or other insane side effects put me in remission and it was just looked right past. But I no now what to do. And I really wish the DRs wpould do a study and see the benifits! Marijuanna helps UC!


Has anyone tried Phoenix tears as the source for the marijuana to treat the ailment. Surely a super concentrate will provide far more concentrated substance to treat the ailment. I have severe ulcerative colitis, my specialist informed me I should be in the Guinness book of records, I have THOUSANDS of polyps in my large intestine, more than seen before by the specialists. Rick Simpson, Phoenix tears claims to shrink cancer cells, will it shrink non cancer cells also? I am currently on Remecade infusion. Is marijuana going to help. Hope to get off expensive non healing Remecade and start healing.

Does medical marijuana for ulcerative colitis

I have ulcerative colites for 25 years I've been hospitalized twice
And I've been on all the drugs associated with the this condition
I've changed my diet so many times..but what worked for me was a twist of fate ..I was at my wits end exhausted from the 30 + times atleast running to the bathroom with the most disgusting results!! I was online one night and heard about 'pot' being used for various conditions a non pot user I didn't want the high feeling spoke to my wife and we agreed to try a smal portion ..the results were staggering! After 7-8 months of my relapse I couldn't believe that it took my body 2 react to the cannibolds and receptors to work..I now jog eat what I want drink what I want and it's been almost 5 years for matinence I use a vaporizer a small puff at night that's it ...for the record I'm not pushing the idea that being a pothead is alright but for the non believers that have Colites I challenge you to try because it does work!!

by Letitia Pepper on Medical Marijuana for Colitis
Info on Crohn's and IBS from OCNORML Medical Marijuana Conference of 2011

I have used cannabis for my multiple sclerosis for the past seven years, and after doing some testing (by stopping use a few times to see what would happen), I KNOW that it works for these diseases.
I'm sure it works for colitis, too. I attended the January 2011 medical marijuana conference in Laguna Woods. OCNORML was selling a DVD of this conference's speakers, so anyone interested can probably order a copy and watch the speakers themselves.
One speaker discussed how cannabis had saved his wife, and then his grandmother-in-law, from the effects of both Crohn's Disease and IBS. His wife developed both diseases. He did some research, and made her a drink called bhang, by gently cooking cannabis in goat's milk.
Based on my experiences, if you cook cannabis at very low temperatures, you can infuse a liquid with the cannabinoids (and terpenes and flavenoids) without decarboxalating the THCa into THC. THCa, the natural plant acid, is not psychoactive. But THCa becomes THC, a psychoactive compound, when you knock the "a" molecule off by heating the THCa to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or more. I've made a cannabis glycerite to treat my MS and psoriasis, and I "pasteurize" it at about 180 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not become psychoactive. So anyone who wants to try cannabis for these digestive tract problems could make bhang and use a candy thermometer to make sure the temperature doesn't go above 180 or so if you want the product to be non-psychoactive.
The bhang worked so well for the speaker's wife that when his grandmother-in-law was rushed to the hospital with what turned out to be one of these illnesses (I think it was Crohn's), the grandmotehr-in-law refused to allow herself to be treated with presctription drugs, and instead asked for what her granddaughter was using. They brought bhang to her in the hospital, and she got better.
This is not a "cure." You need to continue to sue it as needed. That means these diseases are probably cannabinoid deficiencies. Ditto for other illnesses like MS and psoriasis.

How Marijuana works for me

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when i was 12. From that age to 21. (80's and 90's) I was given many med to help with symptoms but nothing helped. Finally after losing another job I tried marijuana and immediately my symptoms where gone. I could eat anything at any time i wanted. From 20 to 30 times a day going to bathroom to 1 or 2 times a day. I cant tell you the difference in my life ive had just by smoking Marijuana. I'm 42 years and been smoking for over 20 years and my Dr. has giving me a clean bill of health. MY LIFE IS OWED TO SMOKING MARIJUANA ILLEGALLY IN MY STATE.

UC and cannabis

I ha e had UC since 1998 and man has it ruined me physically, mentality, and emotionally. I've exhausted the treatments of autoimmune suppressors, and G I antinflamitories. PREDNISONE TREATMENT HAS CAUSED PERMANENT NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE. I have been using cannabis to help with flares, residual joint pain and smoking cigarettes has been a help. It is said that smoking cessation can cause flares and so now I use a e cigarette. The theory is that nicotine and cannabis both directly affect the parasympathetic nervous system, thus helping the UC flares. I only use cannabis once daily and when I stop the flares start. I don't believe the cannabis helps the stress as much as having an actual physiological affect....good luck.

Does medical marijuana work for ulcerative colitis

I have been using medical marijuana for three years now and have not had a bout of ulcerative colitis since using it. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2000. Prior to the medical marijuana I had numerous flareups and had to take prednisone over and over again. This has been a miracle for me with the exception of the attitudes of my grown adult children. They think I am a looser for using it. Catch 22

Sometimes made me feel better

I have been using medical marijuana for quite some time now to help relieve the pain I sometimes get from my UC, and also from joint pains. It sometimes makes me feel better and when it does I'm very grateful, but not always.

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30 thoughts on “Does Medical Marijuana Work for Ulcerative Colitis”

  • As someone who has been suffering from UC for almost a decade I can not only tell you that pot helps, but there is plenty of scientific data supporting this. You don’t have to look far either. I have tried many different diets, medications, and holistic treatments and the plain and simple truth is that nothing holds candle to what pot does.

    Conventional treatments will leave you with months in between flare ups. pot will leave you in remission for years.

    • Hey Harry, how often do you smoke the pot if you actually smoke it? Or do you use it some other way like via baking or eating etc…? what do you think is necessary in order to see some benefits from it.

      • I smoke about 3 times a day, or whenever i am having pain from gastric distress. I also start and end every day with a cup of tea with marijuana tincture.

  • All I know is that as a childhood ulcerative colitis patient (began at 11), relief and the ability to end meds began when I began smoking pot at 17. I never made that connection, however. Remission ended at age 37 when I had no pot for a few years. Duh. I still did not make the connection. Fortunately, the mildest of anti-inflammatories keeps my colitis at bay, but I do notice that if I am able to have any pot for a little while (gifted), this old ‘boomer’ can get by w/o any or with only a very small amount of sulfasalazine (the anti-inflammatory referred to above). Sadly, it is rare to have any pot due to it being wildly expensive for my very low income, and most importantly it’s completely illegal here and very hard to access. Our state will likely be the last to approve medical marijuana, if it ever does. I am completely convinced there are anti-inflammatory properties in marijuana, and as I am now wracked with arthritis, I only wish the mainstream would wise-up and tell the pharmaceutical industry, and the other money-men holding on to this prohibition, to stuff it (yes, my language preference is much stronger; I am being ultra-proper). Forty years ago we thought this would have been a non-issue by now; what fools we were. “You may say that I’m a dreamer….Imagine.” And, btw, that goes for Peace, too. If a side effect of pot use is Pacifism, then it’s even more important to the world in general.

  • The simple answer is yes.

    I have had PANCOLITIS (My whole intestine is fucked) since I was 10….I have been on pretty much anything you could imagine. Steroids at first, which made me gain a bunch of weight and really made me depressed at a terrible time (puberty)

    Asacol was worthless and made my symptoms worse. Same with Lialda and all the other bullshit! I almost died during a remicade treatment!

    Then I started smoking weed at age 16 like any other high school kid. I hated it at first and actually didn’t really smoke again till I was 18. When I started smoking again I also stopped taking my medications for my Pancolitis, and boy am I glad i did that.

    One dose, whether it be via smoke or edible will eliminate all my symptoms for the whole day…plus my parents aren’t spending thousands of dollars a year on pointless medicines that only made me more sick.

    I have been in complete remission for 3 years with my only medicine being marijuana. I do have a doctors rec to use since I am in a medical marijuana state and my doctor is AMAZED at the results he’s seen in my case just from using medical marijuana….

    Nobody should have to suffer through this terrible disease. It can break you down mentally and physically….I can honestly say that pot saved my health

  • after a lifetime of digestive issues, i was finally given a concrete diagnosis of ulcerative colitis this past october. since the diagnosis, i have been hit with two major flares. the first was treated with a four month course of steroids. the second, which reared its head just a few weeks ago, landed me in the hospital for two weeks of IV steroids and pain meds. fortunately, i am now recovering from the comfort of my own home. my doctor currently has me on steroids for the flare, asecol for the UC and a fentynl patch for the pain.

    with two serious flares in under a year, i am starting to quickly consider that mainstream treatment may not work for me. any suggestions for someone suffering from UC on starting treatment using marijuana?

    • Try it. Get legalized if you live in a state that offers medicinal marijuana, and you will see your quality of life improve drastically. I have been a medicinal marijuana patient for over a year, and was self-medicating for a few years before that when the funds and situations allowed. I have been dealing with GI issues since I was 12 years old, and diagnosed with UC spring of 2010. I have been on some dose of prednisone since initial treatment in April 2010, went from Asacol to Lialda, I take omeprazole daily (at age 12 I had an ulcer in the aduadenum, treated, and suffered from GERD until official UC diagnosis) and now aziathioprene for the past 4 months. My symptoms have gone up and down with the pharmaceutical medications, in my opinion worsening some symptoms.
      MEDICAL MARIJUANA SAVED MY LIFE! A little weed in the morning, and the pain goes away. My APPETITE shows up! I CAN EAT! I don’t have to SPRINT to the bathroom, the pain and discomfort goes away. Pot give sufferers of UC control over what they eat, when they eat, pain levels, and most importantly, bathroom trips. Talk to your doctor (who may or may not recommend it, based on the DR’s affiliations); do a Google search for MMJ (medical marijuana) in your area. Please, DON’T let the STIGMA of professional society tell you that marijuana is bad, TRY FOR YOURSELF and see the great benefits. GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

  • Hi. Ive been on and off the pred for bout five years now, beeing diagnosed in 2007 with a pancolitis. Since this time ive been mostly in remission, having 1-2 flare ups a year. Everytime I go up on the roids to eather 40 or 60mg. Tapering down.

    The last year Ive smoked marihuana almost every day. It has done wonders for me. As today ive moved to london and stayed here for 3months without smoking. recently gone in to a really bad flare up. Seems like I have to move back home, and hopefully start smoking again.

    I think marihuana helps the stressfactor more than anything. It sets the bowel at ease. meaning it stops moving around too much. I also think it helps taking away the physical and emotional stress of everyday life. Now im starting the scd diet, which ive read alot about lately. hope tO get better soon!

  • I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis around age 16. I also have PTSD. I don’t know if marijuana will cause a direct physical healing per se, but I can assure you that the mental relaxation and absence of anxiety that I achieve when using marijuana has absolutely lessened the symptoms immediately, and in each instance, has also caused the symptoms to completely cease in time. I have treated flare-ups both with marijuana alone, and with Asacol alone, and the Asacol has never made it completely stop. The marijuana, on the other hand, has made it stop completely every time. I believe firmly that mental stress and anxiety are directly related to outbreaks, and the relief of these psychological symptoms with marijuana relieves the ulcerative colitis. Nicotine patches have also helped lessen the symptoms, but never has completely stopped them the way that marijuana has. It’s a sad fact that I have to use marijuana very sparingly since I am subjected to tests randomly at work. I can have all the Prozac, Paxil, Welbutrin and Zoloft that I can choke down – all through medical insurance that I have through my job – but I will get fired if I am caught treating my disease with the only thing that has ever worked completely. What a joke. I am not a “pot head” and I don’t “party” with marijuana. I don’t even desire to use it unless I am suffering from this disease. What a ridiculous world we find ourselves in sometimes. I sincerely hope this helps.

    • That is how I feel about it too. I have never smoked pot before but I’m really struggling with my UC at the moment. I don’t wish to use it but after reading a lot of these testimonies, it’s pretty convincing if not emotionally striking at the same time! It has help and so has everyone else with their replies. Thank you!

  • Yes, MJ works for UC. It does this by reducing the spasm in the large intestines. It stops the burning cramps. It relieves depression (usually due to the continual pain). I’ve lived with UC over 15 years. The last 5 years have been without any flare ups…. due to MJ. To anyone living with this horrid disease, legal or not, find it and use it. Good Luck to you.

  • Hi, I have UC since more than 9 years and just recently began using Marijuana. Before I had each year 2 – 4 flare ups, which had do to be treated with steroids. Even between my flare ups I had some cramps from time to time and pain was a constant partner! Since last summer, when I started using MJ I do not even have to take my other med (Sulfasalazine). For me, MJ is definitely great and I hope for a long remission after this time of illness. I’m not sure, what I will do, if I would ever want to get pregnant. But for now, weed is my med! And after all, I absolutely prefer weed to steroids. I would suggest MJ for any other UC patient. I still can’t believe how good and energetic I feel since last summer! It’s such a different life… Go for it…

  • I was diagnosed in 2010 with UC. 8+ stools a day, terribly bloody. Ultiamtely the Pred cleared it up and I was so relieved to eventually get off the Pred three or four months after I began them and I was totally clear. I was so happy. My mind was back in business (without the horrible dreamy or out-of-body feeling that high doses of steroids gave me) and I was maintaining with Pentasa. I was clean for a year! I thought I was cured forever!

    Then I got married and divorce quickly loomed within two months (I married someone with psychological illness that was unknown before I married her).

    During the time the divorce was looming and the stress was really mounting, some signs started to creep back in. Slight stomach cramps. Little bit of residue blood in an otherwise normal stool.

    Now I am back on the Pred and I hate it again. My doctor friend tells me that Marijuana is the best for this and I should simply stop taking the Pred (and incidentally Citalopram SSRI anti-depressant for dealing with all the fall-out from the divorce) and instead just have a joint in the morning and the evening and this will be better for me than all the rest.

    What do people think?! I do not smoke tobacco. I gave up when I was about 13 after my grandfather may he rest in peace died of lung cancer. Would those who support marijuana as medicine for UC take it via smoking (if so – how? Bong, or spliff?) or by cooking it in food – (how much and what temperature?)

    • I agree with Harry. I have suffered with U C for almost 30 yrs and the conventional treatments will only give me about 300 days a year pain free or without any flare ups. Using medical marijuana I get between 360 and 365 days a year without any problems. I medicate 3-4 times a day.

      To JJ. Smoking works great. it doesnt matter the delivery method. Vaporizing is healthier because you dont ingest very much “acual smoke” I do believe that eating it (at least for me ) helps more for pain. But i medicate by smoking daily so I dont know if eating it helps me with U C or not. It does at least with pain. But by smoking and vaporizing I am usually in remission.

  • Pot can definitely the difference between eating and not eating. It also helps with pain and cramping. Provides overall relief from symptoms. I also have no misconceptions that im not getting stoned either which is why you cant always count on it. Like for example at work

  • I am a UC patient of 9 years and as treatment gets harder and more
    Harmful for my body treatment through pills was starting to become unhealthy and started to place my self into a cycle of irritation and depression. Bowls of 10-20 with bad stool is not a happy life. Currently I am treating my self with medical cannabis once a day, sometimes once every two days and this has currently been eliminating all signs of UC. As of now I have been of off doctors medication for 7 months and have seen a drastic improvement. Bowls normal, pain normal, appetite normal. Depression and irritation have dramatically gone down also. To say that this way of treatment is not effective would be a false statement, if use correctly it can be an effective treatment and CAN improve patients with UC or Chrons.

  • I’m 21 now and was diagnosed at around 16 years of age with UC. Missed weeks of school during high school due to it. I started on Prednisone at about 30mg which really helped to settle it down, but like others have said the side-effects are terrible. I had tried to ween myself off of it, but anything lower than 10mg, even by just 1mg, my symptoms would start up again. Took 10mg a until i was 18 and went to college and started smoking Marijuana.

    At the end of my freshman year i did not have enough money for my med’s when i ran out, so i figured i would be fine for a few days until i could get money to buy it again.

    A day went by with no symptom’s(usually 1 day off of it and my stomach would start acting up, no real pain or anything, but i could feel it building up). Then another day, and another day. Before i knew it a month had gone by with NO PREDNISONE and i felt great! I stopped the prednisone cold turkey after not being able to even lower my dosage without symptoms flaring up again. Something obviously happened during the time i started smoking MJ and when i stopped the script drug a year later.

    I am no doctor by far, but it seems to me MJ saved me from those script drugs. Have not had a single flare up in 2 years(some minor stomach discomfort at times, but who doesn’t have that?) and have not taken any prescription drugs for UC this entire time.

    My Verdict on the subject: From my experiences and others, MJ is most definitely a very effective means for helping with UC. At the very least, it can’t hurt to try it. Sorry for the rant but i figured i would share my entire story for those suffering with this. Thanks. Oh, and vote to legalize that stuff! It helps many people!

  • Hey All,

    I got diagnosed 3 years ago after a painful split from a 10 year relationship Ive started and stopped smoking skunk these past couple of years after a 7 year stoppage but never put my flare ups down to the fact I stopped up till couple of months back when i stopped again and bang flared right up meds not really working and today on the radio in UK it was being discussed that normal cigarettes keep UC at bay they never mentioned marijuana but I’ve never smoked normal cigs only ever joints so looks like if I start again Itll be a double whammy for me.

    Just got to make sure I dont smoke as much as I was, as reason I stopped was I was spending around £800 a month getting through ounce a week and smoking from morning to night so looks like I’m going to have to use my will power to just smoke of an evening and put up with a bit of a cough which is got to be better than multiple toilet breaks and bad bad wind.


  • In 2009, I was diagnosed with severe UC. I think that I had flareups throughout childhood and we just never knew what it was.

    Anyhow, I was on Asacol and Imuran for maintenance. And prednisone was the miracle drug that could always bring me out of my flares (2-3 times per year.) I tried the gluten free diet, acupuncture, tinctures…all were hopeless. I thought I was stuck with this forever.

    I live in Colorado, so when our state made medical marijuana legal. To get a card, you must see a doctor who will approve your medical condition. The doctor I saw happened to be a retired GI doctor. He said he had never been visited by a UC patient before and he wasn’t sure if it would help. I was afraid he would actually turn me away.

    My experience using medical marijuana for UC has been wonderful. I don’t take a single medication today, only vitamins to stay healthy.

    I prefer smoking it, but don’t like the effect on my lungs. One of the most helpful times I use it is when I wake up in the middle of the night. Instead of laying there thinking, worrying etc. I just smoke a little bit and when I lay back down I am relaxed enough to fall right back to sleep. I think the sleep alone helps my body stay healthy and keeps my stress level lower.

    I’m a supporter of medical marijuana for UC- it works for me!!

  • Ok well I don’t want to jump the gun but after 14 days of a flare up and 4 days with a fever, I decided to eat a quarter of a pot brownie I had in the freezer last night to see if it would be beneficial for me… I had a rough sleep last night but this morning the fever broke and I just had my first formed BM in 2 weeks this morning. Coincedence? I don’t know but I’m going to do the same thing tonight and give you my feedback tomorrow. We may have a perfect medicine for flareups people….!!!!!

  • About 2 year ago, I’d developed some strange symptoms including body-ache, multiple food allergies, intolerance to dry cold foreign weather & some psychological (like irritability & depression) one after which I got laid off from work. After an year of suffering, I was diagonized with UC and leaky gut symptom. After few months of unsuccessful allopathic medication, I tried medical marijuana … thanks to my supportive wife who suggested it to me. To my surprise, my symptoms were very much in control. I have used both Sativa as well as Indica varieties & both seem to help in different ways. My only complaint is that I somewhat loose my focus on working & also tend to procrastinate on performing boring tasks like accounting. Other than that I am convinced that Cannabis is a miracle herb. I love the Blue Dream, Jack Herer, GDP & the new Harlequin strain which is high in CBD with almost no THC.

  • I was diagnosed with UC 3 years ago, docs tried everything to get me into remission but the only time I got a slight break from it was when I got admitted last year and put on iv steroids when they let me out they had basically told me they would most likely be removing my colon in the near future. Three weeks after I was let out the blood returned so I knew at this point that surgery was my only option, or was it? I started researching medicinal marajuana and thought I’d give it a go. I was worried at first as I’m 26 now and can honestly say I had never smoked a cig in my life, let alone weed but quickly found out that the pros completely outweigh the cons. Iv been smoking for 6 months now been going toilet 1-2 times a day much better than 10-20 times. No blood and nicely formed plops.
    Here’s what I smoke
    Small green rizzlers
    Menthol slim tips (makes the taste nicer)
    What ever cigs you want (obvs)
    And the weed I switch between green and solid
    3 a day keeps the blood at bay
    Hope this helps some of you it really helped me
    Heyheyheyhey… Smoke weed everyday 🙂

  • I have UC for 28 years I have been on everything. I have taken so much steroids that I can’t take them anymore when I have a bad flare. I find it hard to eat after running to the bathroom all day. But I truly believe pot helps I feel good enough to eat and can handle the pain better.

  • I’ve been living w/ uc since i was 10. i am now 21 at first they gave me asacol 5 tabs which made me gain quite abit of weight. so i turned twelve and started smokig grass regularly eventually forgeting bout the pills and never had flare ups anydddd more. went back to the original doctor five years later and did a full on check up to see how its been and there were no signs of inflammation and told me he was goin to prescribe me some more pills to keep it where it is. i said no way and told hI’m about the marijuana. but he didn’t believe me and said that he has notever heard of grass helping not only w/ pain but also inflammations. since then 6 years. ago haven’t been to a doc and haven’t had any complications.

  • I’ve had UC since 2006. In my first 2 years with it, I had 4 major flares all coinciding with taking antibiotics that required hospitalization. High doses of Pred and Salofalk were not effective. Imuran made me vomit 24/7. IV Flagyl/Steroids got me well. I figured out the antibiotic tablet link, avoided them and was in remission with only occasional mild symptoms for 4 years. Recently however I have been having an unexplained flare that again is not responding to Pred or Salofalk. No antibiotics, infections etc… to blame. Need something radical to avoid doctors who only want to increase the dosage of drugs that don’t work. After reading all of these positive comments about grass, I’m going to make some calls. If that works, I’ll try and get clearance for the medical variety.

  • I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 7th grade, tried many different medicines. Nothing worked. Then moved towards a dietary treatment. I went down to a very minimal basic diet which sucked so much. Everything tasted like shit but it worked. Slowly I was able to add things to my diet and see what I was able to eat and what I couldn’t. In 11th grade I began smoking marijuana and found that I no longer had to be on a restricted diet. I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted without the consequences. *note* this is with chronic marijuana smoking. Whenever I quit to get a job if I do not smoke for week or two I will start to flare back up. Also told doctors about marijuana helping. They do not listen and instead would rather put you on a prescription drug which is costly and you must use repeatedly to keep flare ups at bay and generally do not work nearly as well. Will move to a part of the country were medical marijuana is legal someday when I have the money. It is unfair that we must suffer so that the pharmaceuticals can stuff their pockets.

  • geez, reading the comments has been eye-opening for me. I’ve never smoked a cigarette/done drugs but this is really cool. I don’t live in a state where marijuana is legal so obviously that would be the hardest part about trying it. I hope it will be legal soon though because I don’t wanna take anymore UC meds.

  • I was diagnosed with UC in 05, lost 25 lbs 20 or more stools a day, and almost died because internal bleeding. Got it under cotrol after a year or so with Prednisone, Imuran, and Lialda. Now the only thing I take is 2 Lialda a day, and smoke MJ on a regular basis. Been smoking since I was 17. Still haven’t had flare up since my initial diagnosis. And I thank MJ for this. I think flare ups have a lot to do with stress and pot is the best stress reliever out there. There is no man made pills than can touch the green leaf. And it also helps with cramps and joint pain as well. So if you haven’t went this route yet I strongly recommened it. Your quality off life will drastically improve! I wouldn’t treat this condition any other way.

  • I have had colitis for 3 years and symptoms for over 10 years. I live in Ohio and Marijuana is not legal here. Does anyone know how I can get some form of marijuana and what is the best to use for colitis. Thank you

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