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By no means am I an expert with diets.  I have never in my life before being diagnosed needed to follow any diet for any reason, nor did I ever consider thinking about foods prior to being diagnosed.  One thing though is for certain.  Diet has played a MAJOR role in my current recovery and it has allowed me to finally live a normal life again, even though I have UC.  So, this to me is an extremely important part of this website.

I realize early on that most of my gastro doctors did not think that diet was very important in terms of it affecting my colitis symptoms.  This always seemed strange to me.  It wasn’t until I met with another girl who also had UC, but who was symptom free and medication free that I decided to look further into the whole diet stuff.

It didn’t take me long to totally change my thinking.  Within just a few weeks of starting the specific diet the girl with UC told me about, I started seeing my symptoms go away.  Before I knew it, I was starting to think I would be back to my old self once again.  It was pretty incredible.

If you want to look into the diet that I follow, I would recommend you review the actual diet book here on Amazon:

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet

Once you start reading the book, you will learn alot about what this disease is actually doing, and how it grows out of control within our colons.  But the best part is that you will also learn how you can re-gain the upper hand and get things functioning properly again.

3 thoughts on “Diet”

  1. Coffee made me poop and pee even before I was diagnosed with UC (the disease has been relatively mild for me).

    With UC, coffee aggravates the diarrhea. So if you want to lessen that typical symptom, lay off coffee — not that I follow my own advice here…

    I have also been taking a probiotic and gynostemma pentaphyllum. All I know is that my doctor reported my UC in remission after my last colonoscopy. So these supplements may be beneficial.

  2. Have you tried the low FODMAP diet? i have found it quite useful and also it’s not as restrictive as the SCDiet.
    I also found probiotics and manuka honey to be effective as well. manuka honey should not, however, be taken excessively and more taken like a ‘medicine’ -for example 2 tsp a day. Probiotics help alot -i use ‘naturopathica gastrohealth 4’.
    Periods of fasting during active disease can also help the colon heal.

    1. Hey Zara,
      thanks for the tips. I have not tried the manuka honey, that stuff is super expensive where I live, but it sounds super interesting and I’ve heard great things about it from some others recently. Thats also super intersting what you say about fasting during periods of active disease. That makes sense how it can help to spur the healing process too. Thx for the ideas!!

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