Did Colitis Give me Arthritis Too?

Do you have Arthritis now?? Did you just get diagnosed or recently with ulcerative colitis too?  If you are saying heck yeah, well you and I got the same thing going.

The big question so many people are asking is, What caused me to start getting arthritis in the first place?

And the answer that quite a few doctors are giving their UC patients is, “it could very well be a manifestation of the UC itself”  To me it just seems strange that the ulcerative colitis which most doctors would say is going on in your colon, could also be partly responsible for joint pains and chronic arthritis in places like your shoulders, lower back, and elbows… doesn’t that seem a bit far fetched?
In all honesty, I am starting to buy the idea the doctors are telling me.  In the past few months, I have talked with quite a few other UC patients who are saying pretty much the same story as me.  Some come and go arthritis that at times can be really painful and debilitating, and of course dealing with UC as well.  Many mention that the arthritis type pains get worse as UC symptoms flare, and others are not able to correlate the changes in the come and go arthritis.

So, if you are dealing with some arthritis and you also have colitis, you are definitely not the only one.  There is a whole gang load of us doing the same.

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