Considering Surgery For Ulcerative Colitis

The decision to have surgery if you are an ulcerative colitis patient is a very big decision indeed. Often, people who have UC are forced to have surgery due to complications that if left as is, just might be a major threat to one’s overall health and even life and death. There are other cases where people who have UC go through a horrific time with toxic megacolon. This is when the colon actually ruptures inside, and there begins to be harmful bacteria leaking into the abdominal cavity which is quite dangerous as well.

Although surgery is a major decision, it should not be looked at as a bad thing to consider.  There are so many people who have suffered from ulcerative colitis for so many years and they are looking for some sort of long term relief.  This is simply the case for many people who are not willing to take the daily battles anymore.  Some might say that these people who are looking for a long term solution are the people who are actually thinking about managing their disease logically.  That is a question that everyone must answer individually.

One of the best parts of having surgery to remove your colon if you have ulcerative colitis is that the disease is no longer there.  Along with the colon removal, the issues that have been causing inflammation and a massive response from the immune system are gone.  This is when an ulcerative colitis patient is no longer an ulcerative colitis patient.  If you are going through this thought process on whether or not to have surgery, you are most definitely not alone.  Although I am feeling pretty good right now and have seemed to have found control over my colitis with the help of the specific carbohydrate diet I know that there might just be a time when I need to consider surgery again.

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4 thoughts on “Considering Surgery For Ulcerative Colitis”

  • hi! Finally I’m on a diet 48 days. All is well. Only a drop of blood in the morning ..sometimes… I have a great bowel injury, and it takes a long time. From Holland gave me peanut butter, because in Ukraine there were none, but there is 4 grams sugar Can I eat this butter?

    • Hey THere Christina,
      I only eat peanut butter that has NO sugar. I myself would stay away from the one you are talking about.

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