Colitis Remission from Prednisone

Can Prednisone Put Ulcerative Colitis Into Remission?

For the past few months, I have gradually began to notice the signs and symptoms of ulcerative colitis creeping back into my daily routine of life.  It has been a very slow progression of symptoms, one that people with UC come to know all too well.  Especially if you have been managing the disease for several years like me.

It has been a very constant mental battle, do I make an appointment to see the doctor, or should I just try to wait this one out like several times before?  What is the doctor going to prescribe to me if I do see him, and will there be any side effects from whatever that medication is?

In all of the reading of other people’s experiences who also suffer from UC, it seems that prednisone often is the common denominator in terms of the medication of choice when you are in a flare up.  There are doctors who like to prescribe antibiotics, and other medications too, but just by the numbers, my sense is I might be staring down a steroid pill pretty soon.  While there must be good reasons for this to be the go to drug while in an active colitis flare up, there are all kinds of people who simply will not take it, or at least refuse to try it until they absolutely have to.  This makes me worried.

Stopping Colitis Symptoms

Several years ago, I was in the middle of a very long several year flare up.  I can remember having a bottle of prednisone steroids in the medicine cabinet constantly.  I also remember going to the local pharmacy and filling up new prescriptions of them quite often too.  When I look back at those days now, I can recall that my side effects were really not too horrible compared to the horror stories of prednisone that other people mention.  So, what am I so scared about?  I guess it is the being scared of the unknowns.  Has anyone ever had good experiences(meaning not awful side effects) with prednisone the first time and then horrible side effects afterwards?  Also, what if the prednisone steroids don’t get my ulcerative colitis into remission at all?  Then what is next?  When I sit here and write about these thoughts, I think I’m most scared that the medications will not help out my symptoms and then I will be facing the decision of trying another hardcore drug.  I think it is time to take a chance with some medications once again, and then slip back into the diet program that worked so well for me before.

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