Colitis Ebooks

The two eBooks I’ve written are specifically for people living with UC and/or family members who are watching someone go through active colitis symptoms.  If you click on the books image above, you will be able to purchase them with either a credit card or with your PayPal account.

After your order is complete, the shopping cart service will instantly send you a unique download link.  This link will enable you to download the ebooks directly to your computer, and from there you can start reading them right away.

Every order receives both ebooks in two different formats.  They come in PDF format as well as EPUB format.  Most people use the PDF versions to read or print into hard copy, and some people who use tablet devices read the EPUB formatted ebooks.  Either way, you receive both versions.

Here is the link to order the ebooks: Learn more about how to Order and Download Ebooks

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