Medications for Ulcerative Colitis

I myself have been prescribed so many different medications for my UC, here is a list of them along with some other common medicines.  By and large the most common first line of medication that is usually prescribed to newly diagnosed ulcerative colitis patients is the steroid prednisone.  It is a medicine that has been used for many decades and often it brings in good results to people quite quickly.  But, the negative of prednisone is that its not a long term solution.  Prolonged prednisone use can lead to major health problems such as bone density loss amongst other things.  Prednisone is not the drug you want to be taking for years and years.

  • Prednisone (steroids used as anti-inflammatories, not the steroids that make your muscles get huge)
  • Asacol
  • Colazal
  • Sulfasalazine
  • Remicade (given via an infusion)
  • Humira (taken in the form of a subcutaneous injection)
  • Rowasa (enemas)
  • Salofalk (suppositories, similar to an enema)
  • 6 MP
  • Azathioprine
  • Lialda

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