Can You Eat Hamburgers on a Colitis Diet

Yes, you can definitely eat hamburgers on a colitis diet.  But of course that depends on what diet you are on.

If you are like me, and you follow the Specific Carbohydrate diet, then surely you can eat hamburger, but you will need to modify the meal.  I don’t eat any wheat products or grain for that matter.  So, when I eat hamburgers, I have to use something else for the bun.  When I go to McDonald’s or Burger King, those places I have noticed are not very ulcerative colitis friendly as far as my diet is concerned, so I actually avoid them nearly all year long.  But, if I am somewhere else and really feel like a hamburger, you can either order a burger without the bun, or you can use lettuce or tomato as your bun.

I would definitely advise ulcerative colitis people against eating hamburgers if there favorite part is the bread bun.  But, if you can do without a hamburger bun with your burger, you should be alright in eating them.  One other side note regarding hamburgers is the ketchup.  I don’t eat that anymore with my colitis diet because there is usually way too much corn syrup and sugars in the common restaurant ketchups these days.

So the bottom line is this, I have ulcerative colitis, I don’t eat breads, so no hamburger buns for me.  I think diet is very important to keeping my colitis where its at, and quite a few other UC people feel the same.  I love burgers, but I eat them less now, and when I do, I get creative with the bun.  It’s that simple.

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