Can Colitis Go Away On Its Own?

How great would it be for your “never ending” disease to suddenly go away on its own?

I think that would be the ultimate treat.  To wake up one day and to see your disease is no longer there at all.  And to wake up the next day and to realize it still is gone, in the clear, no more running to the bathroom when nature calls.  This is most definitely everyone’s dream come true if you also have ulcerative colitis.  This is actually more than a dream, this would be the best dream by FAR.

There are some stories out there about people who have had their ulcerative colitis go away or go into remission on its own without the help of any changes or medications or surgeries.  The reality is that these situations are very rare and not something that the average colitis patient should expect or be waiting to happen.

The majority of people who suffer from ulcerative colitis have symptoms which come and go at no particular times.  Some people are able to judge when they might be getting ready to go into a flare up, but others are just simply not able to see any reasoning for changes that come up.

The only known cure that is accepted by much of the medical community is through surgery or removal of the colon.  As scary as this might sound, there are thousands of young and old colitis patients who have gone through with this surgery and led a perfectly normal life.  There have been so many advances with the world of medicine in the past few decades that people who have this surgery are even able to leave the hospital with a week sometimes.  That is truly incredible.

2 thoughts on “Can Colitis Go Away On Its Own?”

  • I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in December of 2011. I was fourteen (2 weeks from fifteen) at the time. I was put on Asacol HD and if i had a flare-up I’d take it and be perfect in the morning. About 7 months ago I realised I wasn’t having as many flare-ups are normal. I haven’t had a flare-up in 6 months to date. I stopped taking my medicine and I eat whatever I want now. I want to get another colonoscopy to see what has happened. Whatever it is, I am glad that I don’t always have to worry anymore.

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