Bleeding When You Take a Poop

One of the strangest parts of ulcerative colitis is that it involves your poop.  And for the most part, people don’t talk amongst themselves about this daily habit of going to the bathroom.

If you have ulcerative colitis, you have probably experienced hundreds if not thousands of bathroom breaks where you notice blood and bleeding in the toilet bowl.  Also, you very well might have noticed dark blood or even bright blood in your poop.  Unfortunately, that is quite normal for ulcerative colitis patients.  And, if this is something that you are noticing and are yet to talk to anyone about it, you should immediately begin speaking to your doctor.  Blood in your poop that continues for a long time is not a normal thing.  It is something that can be very serious.  For me, the blood in my poop was signs that I had ulcerative colitis.  My big mistake was taking so long before telling any doctors or even my wife that there was blood in my poop everytime I went to take a dump.

There are many potential reasons for blood in your poop.  If you are diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, the blood that is mixed in with your poop is usually from bleeding that is taking place within your colon walls.  Since there are many cuts or ulcerations to the colon when colitis is active, it creates bleeding.  The idea is really that simple.

If you are noticing bright red fresh blood on your toilet paper, that potentially could be something different than ulcerative colitis.  That may even be common hemorrhoids.   As an added bonus, ulcerative colitis patients are prone to having hemorrhoids, and especially when the colitis is very active.

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