Best Bread for Ulcerative Colitis Sufferers

What is the best bread to be eating if you have ulcerative colitis(UC)?  I think its banana muffins.

Many people wouldn’t consider muffins to be bread, at least I didn’t.  But after coming down with nasty UC symptoms and finally being diagnosed after years of dealing with it, muffins are now bread for me.  There is so much talk out and about these days related to gluten free meals, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel symdrome etc…  Some of it you might believe, some of it you might not believe.  For me, I believe some of it.  The reason is that I follow a diet called the specific carbohydrate diet, or SCD for short.  The person who invented the diet wrote a book on it called Breaking the Vicious Cycle which I highly suggest you read if you are reading this site.  The bottom line regarding bread is that I no longer eat bread as common people think of it.  By common people bread, I mean bread that has wheat in it.  It turns out that the wheat was most definitely a reason for many of my symptoms.

So now, now that I am symptom free and feeling much better and finally off all medications for nearly a year now, I am happy with knowing that the only bread I eat will be coming out of the oven in about 25 minutes in the form of almond flour with honey, blueberries, and two eggs, a tiny tiny bit of vanilla, some baking powder, and they are my favorite banana muffins.

Bread is something that I know most people take on a daily basis and don’t think nothing of it.   But for me, I know now, after not eating it for one year, that it was truly messing up my insides.  I think it very well could have been one of the main reasons for my nasty ulcerative colitis symptoms for so very long.  I love bread.  I will always be addicted to it.  Almost like an alcoholic in some ways.  But, the days of me chowing down a half loaf of bread in an hour, two bagels per day, all kinds of burger buns etc… are over.  At least as long as things are going this well for me colitis wise.

What’s the best bread for UC:  not the ones at the stores, the one you make with almond flour.

Here is another cookbook which goes into detail on cooking with almond flour: The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

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