Are These 8 Things Happening to You

Here are some very common symptoms/questions that Ulcerative Colitis Sufferes Have Reported to us this Week:

  1. Get Very Hungry when taking prednisone
  2. I bleed
  3. I keep finding blood in my poop
  4. I want to quit the SCD diet but I’m not sure
  5. I’m getting joint pain from my colitis
  6. I need to take more antibiotics with my colitis
  7. my acne is getting much worse on colitis medications
  8. my first remicade infusion was a good experience

Here is a response to the 8 items above

  1. Getting hungry is very common for people who are taking prednisone
  2. Bleeding unfortunately is part of the disease when it is in a flare
  3. As well, finding blood in the poops can also happen often during a uc flare
  4. The SCD diet is not easy to follow, but to get the best results, one must stay on it 100%
  5. Joint pain is also a common symptoms that UC people report, related to the autoimmune system
  6. Antibiotics and taking them with UC should be a definite discussion with your doctor
  7. The good news about acne, is its usually happening when someone is taking steroids for UC, it will go away
  8. That’s right, remicade infusions are not too bad after all, takes some time, but nothing crazy

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