A Colitis Diet that Works

Sometimes it seems that it all depends on which doctor you ask the question:

“What food should I be eating for my colitis?”

Other times you seem to get the same answer no matter who you ask:

“It doesn’t matter what you eat for your colitis!”

What is really needed is some good user based data on all of the different ulcerative colitis patients who have tried using diet to solve their UC symptoms and what the outcomes were.  This of course would be against the traditional wisdom that the medical world has currently with regards to diet being a treatment for UC, but it would sure be interesting to the UC  people of the world who have a growing interest in this.

One ulcerative colitis diet which seems to be working for many people is called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  It is based on limiting the different types of foods you can eat to a select few, with the hope of regaining digestive wellness.  The actual science behind the idea is based almost exclusively on the micro biota also known as gut bacteria.  As everyone has different communities of gut bacteria in your colon, there are all sorts of things that scientists can learn from this.  Some of these scientists feel that the imbalance in the gut bacteria potentially at the heart of the cause of ulcerative colitis symptoms.

There are many different dieting ideas that anyone can find when reviewing the internet, but so far, the SCD diet seems to be the only one that is consistently getting people to talk about it and often with positive reviews.

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