2 Big Signs of Potential UC

Have you ever met someone who is dealing with UC symptoms but has no idea they have UC?

Here are two big symptoms that many people deal with for way too long before getting diagnosed with UC:

  1. Pain in stomach
  2. Blood in poop

Both pretty bad nasty symptoms, and definitely both symptoms are ones that should not be dealth with and added to one’s lifestyle without telling your doctor.

If you are dealing with both of these symptoms, please go and speak with your doctor.  Whenever there is blood coming out of your poop, that is simply not normal.  And if it is happening for a long period of time, it should be dealth with rather quickly.  Gastroenterologist doctors are specially trained to help people who are dealing with symptoms like this.

Stomach pains are something that everyone in the world deals with at some time or another.  BUT, that doesn’t mean that those types of pains are no big deal.  If you are dealing with those type of pains, and also have blood in your poop/stool, please make an appointment with your doctor ASAP.

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2 thoughts on “2 Big Signs of Potential UC”

  • Hope this is an ok place to post this question. Am 58, in pain management for 4 years. Every single day for 4 years have had oxycodone/Percocet in system and constipation.
    2 months ago used massive amounts of tea and stool softeners ( over a 2 months period ), because it felt like something was stuff inside sometimes. That feeling didn’t go away until they took me to the er and gave me antibiotics and something to keep from drying out ( fluid of some kind ). I was having massive bloating. They did a catscan, took blood etc and he came back and told me I have mild colitis and gave me a prescription for more antibiotics which I’ve been taking for today is the 4th day. I scaled back my pain meds by 1/4 pill. In addition to the colitis it felt like a lump in my rectum and I got scared after a doctor who did not examine me told me it’s probablt rectal prolapse. I’ts a very small lump but when I pushed on it manually the other day poop came out.
    This morning everything changed. I went to bed last night after eating very little mostly soft food for the last few days, weighing 157 lbs, feeling hungry and this morning at 4am my stool was little tiny hard, black pieces, enough to cover the bottom of the toilet. 2 hours later, 6am I was up again, this time a major unloading. Afterwards I weighed myself and I was 155 lbs. I was stunned because I have not had a b/m like that in a long time with no struggling and I definitely did not eat that much yesterday to justify that large an amount to excrete. But then at 9am I went yet again and at 9:30 yet again and both times were a lot. I ended up at 154 lbs . My wife made me a soft food breakfast and the bloating that has been coming on is not happening ( yet? It’s been 30 minutes). What’s really something is how easy, the stool appeared to exit my system and how much. The stool started on the Bristol scale ( Bristol Chart: http://www.sthk.nhs.uk/library/documents/stoolchart.pdf ) started black, hard and type 1 and ended at least a type 5 . I have not had a type 5 in a long time.
    Question, is it possible that this mild colitis is really mild and reacting to the antibiotics? Is this a bad thing to poop so much? Thank you in advance for a reply, the er doc told me that if the antibiotics don’t work to admit myself for surgery .Huh?

    • As for the colitis reacting to the antibiotics, that is very tuff to say. There have been quite a bit of documented reports about antibiotics contributing to thing like C-diff (which you could ask your doctor about) and some patients mention that antibiotics can both help and aggravate ulcerative colitis. Pooping alot is VERY VERY common with UC. One of the most common symptoms actually, so that is not surprising at all.

      My recommendation would be to ask your doctor what the gameplan is going forward, and if that sounds like something you’d like to try, then great. Otherwise, you might want to find another GI doctor that you are more on the same page with.

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